American Journal of Islamic Social Science


Syed Al Junaid and Syed Aziz Anwar – Foundation of Organization Development
M Habib Chirzin – The Development of Civil Society in Indonesia
Mahmoud Dhaoudi – Capitalisms Impending Dangers
M .M. M.Mahroof – Towards the Islamization of History
Larry Poston – Islam as Middle Path
Aref T. M Atari – Christian Service Stewardship and Islamic Khilafah
Mashood Baderin – The Evolution of Islamic Law of Nations
Savas S Barkcin – In the Land of Free People
Sherman A Jackson – Muslim and Islamic Law and Sociopolitical Reality in US
Sirajul Islam – Civil Military Relations
Akbar S Ahmed – The Challenge of Islam in the 21st Century
Tahir Beg – Globalizations Vulnerabilities and the Response of Islamic Economics
Katherine Bullock – Challenging Media Representations of the Veil
Mehdi Golshani – How to Make Sense of Islamic Science
Karim Douglas Crow – Nurturing Islamic Peace Discourse


Zahra Al Zeera – Transformative Inquiry and Production of Islamic Knowledge
Garba Bala Muhammad – A Critique of Theories and Theorizing in Social Sciences