Lagos Epistemology center was set up in 2011 to undertake research and training on educational reform with emphasis on epistemology and curricula.

The center is an academic organization that serves universities, colleges, schools and religious organisations in South West Nigeria. it is affiliated to The International Institute of Islamic Thought.

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 Dr A J Oyekan - Co-ordinator LECI feel highly honoured to have been invited to deliver the Imam Bukhari Annual Memorial Lecture for this year. My general intention, bi idhni-llah, is to stimulate action by directing attention to areas that I deem vital for the survival and development of the Ummah of Muslims. If I do mention anything that you are already addressing I hope you will derive some satisfaction from having been vindicated. Read more..

Dr A J Oyekan – LEC Coordinator

Presented papers at the inaguration of LEC – 25th Rabiu-Thani, 1433 AH (17th March 2012)

Dr A J Oyekan - Co-ordinator LECAllah be praised for your safe arrival. And you are most welcome.

It gives me much joy and relief that you have responded positively to our invitation calling you to an important urgent duty in Allah’s cause. May Allah, SWT, accept your gesture as ‘ibadah and may He, Almighty, continue to strengthen your resolve and participation in the huge task of Islamization of Knowledge…..Read more

Dr A J Oyekan – LEC Coordinator

PROF DOS NOIBI -  - Sec Gen NUSWENAs Muslims, we believe that Allah, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe is the Source of all true knowledge. In this regard, the rhetoric question coming from Allah (swt) Himself comes to mind:
“How could it be that He Who has created (all) should not know (all)…” (Qur’an 67:14). He taught the first man, Adam, the “names (of) all (things)” (Qur’an 2:31) thus raising him above the angels by a dint of the knowledge which was bestowed on him. Subsequently,…Read more

Prof D O S Noibi –  Executive Secretary MUSWEN

Prof AGAS Oladosu - Department of Arts and Social Sciences, IlorinFor many years now, the Muslim UMMAH has remained a victim of incessant westernization, subtle evangelization and aggressive globalization. All these have resulted in either a complete elimination or an instalment bastardization of the Islamic world- view. The values, ethics, ideals, norms and virtues of Islam have become virtually turned up –side –down, with the consequence that very few Muslims actually identify with the principles and practices of their religion. . Read more

Prof A G A S Oladosu – University of Ilorin

Prof M bidmos - Dean, Faculty Of Education, UnilagThe Islamization of knowledge project came as an evolution. It emerged in stages. Shocked by the socio-political and economic crisis that enveloped the Muslim world in the 20th century, the Muslims intelligentsia attributed the crisis to the nature of education implemented in the Muslim countries. It is the secular education in which religion and religious orientation are kept in abeyance. Islamization of knowledge was proposed as the panacea to……Read more

Prof M A Bidmos – Dean University of Lago

Prof M.A. Muhibbu-Din - Professor of Islamic Studies and Dean - Faculty of arts Lagos State UniversityThe fundamental disconnect between contemporary science, technologies and the transcendal reality God has robbed the scientific community of all values and stripped it of essential humanness. (Ataur-ur-Rahman  (1981:172).
Moreover, the disenchantment of nature has led both secularists and humanists to the cultivation of a scientific attitude which, according to them means the rejection of dogma, questioning of absolutes and, instead of faith, sole reliance on reason….Read more

Professor M A Muhibbu-Din – Lagos State University


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  • This section will contains information about events happening in and around the South West region of Nigeria. “The likeness of those who are entrusted with the Taorah yet apply it not, is as the likeness of the ass carrying books.” The comparison is very plain. Mere carrying of books by a donkey does not confer on it any attribute of learning or intelligence, which belongs only to the one who has studied the contents of the books. In this verse of the Qur’an, Allah has likened the Jews who claimed to be custodians of the Taorah, the Law-Book of Sayyidina Musa (on whom be peace), and yet failed to follow it, to book-laden asses. Similarly, those who profess to be Muslims without knowing, or attempting to know what being a Muslim is all about are just the same. It is irrelevant to talk about such people’s non-fulfillment of the obligations imposed by Islam; for, a man cannot practise what he knows not. Islam is not a club whose membership is obtained by the mere pronouncement of certain statements of belief, nor is it a tribe that one belongs to by reasons of ancestry, nor a race to which one is assigned because of possession of certain physical or outward features. A Muslim is one who has resolved in his mind, issues concerning human life, and has come to definite conclusions about Allah, Man, the Universe and the message or way of life, known as Islam, which Muhammad ibn Abdullah (peace be upon him) propagated some fourteen centuries ago. The conclusions he has arrived at are then affirmed in the Kalimatu Shahadah, the Words of Testimony, “Ashhadu – an la ilaha illa Allah, wahdahu la sharika lah, wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluh”. Put in simple language, what the proclaimer of the Kalimatu Shahadah is saying runs thus “From what I have understood about Allah, I am convinced that worship is due to none but Him. He is without any associate. Also from what I have come to know of the character and life of Muhammad ibn Abdullah, (peace be upon him), I accept that he was a messenger of Allah, entrusted with His guidance to His creature, to inform him (man) of the purpose of His existence, and how he is to lead his life successfully”. But one should mention here that this confession that is the Kalimatu-Shahadah serves as a declaration by the proclaimer to all his fellow men that from then on, he is going to lead his life in a new manner – the manner stipulated by Allah, Most High, in Islam.